Virtual Quartets

Students who enroll in the Virtual Quartet program will be matched with similarly skilled musicians to form a group of between 4 and 6. That ensemble will be matched with one of our staff members who will become their “coach”. Coaches will schedule regular meetings with their ensembles via Zoom to discuss music choice, individual critiques, ensemble skills, recordings techniques, and MANY more things!

Throughout the course of the quartet program, which spans 5 weeks (June 14th through July 18th), campers will be submitting audio and video recordings to their coaches of them playing their parts to their selected music. The coach will then combine the audio files into one, making it sound like the campers are playing together in the same room. Coaches will then talk through those recordings with their group in the following session, deciding what the next steps are from there.

Students will get to know each other better through their collaboration, will become much better at critiquing their own playing, and will become much more familiar with recording and sound editing technology. During summer months (especially THIS year!) this is an invaluable opportunity for young musicians to continue playing their instruments, while still remaining safely at home.