Teupha Camp 2021

At Teupha camp, students get to¬†play a TON! Every day we start with our “chores,” which are group fundamentals led by one of our highly qualified faculty members. Campers will get exposed to MANY different ways of warming up, of thinking about tone production and articulation, and in general, to different ways of thinking about their instruments. For almost the entire rest of the day, students will be split into smaller groups either learning about a different fundamental concept of their instrument or working with their small ensemble coaches. The small ensembles or “chamber music” are the core of what we do at Teupha: they are small groups of 5-10 students playing music arranged for a tuba and euphonium quartet. In this setting, students get to experience different musical roles with higher musical responsibilities than they’re used to. We perform a concert at the end of the last day of camp that parents are encouraged to attend! The four days of Teupha are very intense, packed with information, and guaranteed to make you better at your instrument! We’ll see you there next summer!