You are FREE to participate in the Virtual Quartet program simply by using your phone! In fact, in the student group on the “Virtual Quartets” page, two of the students are using a phone, and it sounds just fine!

If you’d like to upgrade your audio equipment, though, you will definitely get much higher quality recordings for this experience, and you’ll have an invaluable tool for your own practice for the rest of your life. The microphones listed below are all very portable, and can either hook into a phone or a computer without the use of a pre-amp. Please let us know if you have any questions! We would highly recommend buying these through Music and Arts (email Jamey VanZandt at jameyvz@gmail.com), as we have a discount set up for the camp. These are listed by price, highest to lowest.

Zoom H4nZoom

IQ6 microphone attachment for iPhone

Zoom H1n

IK Media iRig